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Hithium 280ah 300ah and 320ah cell Lifepo4 Review

Wondering about Hithium Lifepo4 cells quality?

Hithium 280Ah cells are a type of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells. They are known for their high energy density, long cycle life, and safety features123.

Information about the cell. The cell is identical to the current reference design of a prismatic Lifepo4 cell with the dimensions of 207mm x 173mm x 71mm. These are identical in every way to the cells made by CATL, EVE, CALB, GOTION, BYD, GREAT POWER, REPT, SUNWODA and the list goes on. All of these currently manufacturer this exact same cell, with the exact same dimensions. They all use the same ingredients, with very minute differences to the cathode and anode and electrolyte mixture.

Hithium 280AH
  • Product certifications:
    IEC 62619, UL 1973, UL 9540A, UN 38.3
  • Company certifications:
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
  • Environmental Compliance: ROHS, REACH

High safety

  • Hithium-developed prismatic LFP cell with high thermal stability
  • Passes crush and nail penetration test
  • Ultra wide operating temperature range

Overall this cell is modified to last longer. Although the truth is the cycle count can be manipulated such as 6000 cycles at 80% is the same as 9000 cycles at 70% and so on. So the claim of 10000 cycles is probably true. Especially considering they are made with the intention of Energy storage, so with a Hithium cell you know you are getting something that will last a very long time.

Is Andy from Off Grid Garage a scammer?
Was he sold fake B grade HITHIUM cells in 2023?

Yes, Andy receives generous kickbacks from his reviews and has on multiple occasions gone out of his way to spread false truths to ensure he continues to receive these kickbacks. He is not a genuine unbiased reviewer and most of what he says is not based on anything real or worth paying attention to.
All the Hithium cells that you will find for sale, do not look like he presented. Only the worst sellers who rip people off will replace the QR the way he showed in this video.

Does it matter, yes, Social media is extremely viral and in 2023 Hithium had to write off millions of dollars in A grade stock because Andy makes silly videos such as this. Even though they are better quality than many EVE cells on the market, Andy single handedly caused enormous brand damage to this high-quality company. He should be ashamed but he is not bothered as he has been profiting from his partnership with QSO.

Why do I care enough to mention it. Because I also got caught with stock, high quality expensive stock because of his manipulation and profiteering.

Testing the 10.000 Cycle Hithium 280Ah batteries. Did I just get scammed 7 41 screenshot

Links to the cell information.

3.2V 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery Prismatic Cell With 10000cycles (

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Hithium 280ah 12000 cycle LFP cells used in 400MWh The largest standalone battery storage project in China

The 200MW/400MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) is live in Ningxia, China, equipped with Hithium lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells.

Established 3 years ago in 2019 is already ramping up to a target of more than 135GWh of annual battery cell production capacity by 2025 for a total investment value of about US$4.71 billion.

The project was connected to the grid earlier this month, through a system integrator called ROBESTEC, about which little information appears publicly available. However, it is understood that although Hithium makes and provides complete BESS solutions as well as cells, in this case, it was the cell supplier.

200MW/400MWh HITHIUM LFP BESS in China

China 400MWh Hithium 12000 cycle LFP Battery 1

The facility stores energy at times of abundant generation from solar PV and wind, putting it into the grid during times of peak demand. It will also help regulate grid frequency.

If you are interested in these new 280AH cells, which Hithium and CATL currently can produce specifically for ESS use, let us know, as we have access to the cells when the demand is slightly lower. As these are actually in high demand for commercial applications, and they technically are hard to get for the DIY community.

it’s expected this giant LFP battery will cut CO2 emissions by 501,000 tons per year

Hithium specializes in the R&D, production, and sales of LFP energy storage batteries and systems. With strong customer orientation, they are committed to providing safe, efficient, clean, and sustainable energy storage solutions for the world. Hithium now has over 4400 employees globally including over 1000 R&D engineers with extensive experience in energy storage. With a planned 4.71 billion USD total investment and 1,400,000m2 factory space to achieve 135GWh production capacity of the energy storage battery in 2025.

Xiamen Haichen New Energy Lithium Battery
Hithium-280ah-LFP280 12000 Cycles Storage Grade
280ah capacity test

We delivered these cells in 2022 to a few customers and currently have a small shipment arriving again in February 2023. As they are an unknown brand to many customers, we haven’t ordered large quantities, because many customers still want EVE, CATL, LiShen, CALB, and various other brands they have heard of. It’s just not a well-known brand,

In the past was a bad thing, But with this type of new technology, sometimes it’s a great thing to get in early while you can.

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LiFePo4 B grade EVE 280ah QR codes
EVE letter B meaning

EVE will now engrave the letter B

All Alibaba/Aliexpress sellers will now only be able to supply B grade cells, this information has come directly from EVE themselves. This includes stores such as Shenzhen Qishou Technology Limited made famous in Australia by the Off Grid Garage.
We know that these companies are already looking to replace the QR Codes of the B grade cells, to make them appear as A grade for the market. As they told us directly when we asked.

We have known for a long time that it was likely all cells on Alibaba are B grade or used cells. We just had no good way to prove this.

What we now know is that all cells on Alibaba that are EVE will be marked with the letter B. That stands for a B grade, and if it doesn’t, the QR will have been changed. EVE Energy has assured us, that they do not sell to any of the Alibaba suppliers any A-Grade product for battery storage. To ensure you are receiving A-grade cells you will need to purchase your cells at a higher price, from Lifepo4 Australia or our partners.

We have made the decision to work with both EVE and some Alibaba sellers on the B grade cells, that have been hand-picked to be the better quality of the B grade cells. As we know they can work in certain scenarios, especially for caravans and camping purposes.

We highly recommend anyone choosing their LIFEPO4 cells for home or commercial use buy only A-grade cells. Yes, they are a little more expensive however, the math will work out heavily in your favor over time. When you’re A grade cells are still performing after 1000 cycles, all the way to 6000 cycles as EVE and CATL claim their A grade cells can achieve.

We also know that all the CATL cells on Alibaba and Aliexpress are either used, or B grade, as CATL does not sell A grade cells to any of the battery manufacturers on Alibaba and Aliexpress.