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The Story

Its a pretty simple story, we started LiFePo4 Australia after we learned more about Lithium Batteries and Low Voltage Electronics, The owner has operated IT and Technology business’s for over 20 years, Beginning in IT and Electronics, Mark Browning the owner LiFePo4 Australia sold his previous business, and moved to the Hervey Bay region, where he is able to focus on Low Voltage Solar, Batteries and related equipment, Using his local contacts in China to source the product. Mark has been sourcing from China for over 11 years, and has been to China, for factory tours and business meetings on multiple occasions.

MarkBrowning China Factory Tour lifepo4 australia
China Tour MarkBrowning 2016

The image above of was a development under construction in the Guangdong Province (formally the canton province) made famous by the canton fair. I toured that region in 2016, and visited a number of factories.

The image to the left, is myself and some business partners, at an electronics factory in Guangdong, China.


Store History

Started in 2020. The store is relatively new, however, the Journey with LifePo4 started in 2017, While planning a family tour of Australia, Mark and his family of 4 were looking to head off the grid for extended periods.
The first purchase was of a Smartec 12v 100ah with Bluetooth, the same battery used by Enerdrive, with a different sticker. The Bluetooth app was identical and so was the internals. The price at the time was over $2000.
Mark with a history of importing from China, found this outrageous and quickly started looking for alternatives.
Over the next 3 years, plenty of testing and trial and error took place, along with the help of the online community surrounding Lithium Batteries.
We finally landed on a product and sourced from preferred suppliers in china, the current prismatic cells and the BMS produced by JDB.
We have probably the most user-friendly, good value, and high-quality batteries available today anywhere in the world.

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