Can I return my order?

Yes, if the product is faulty or defective when new you may return your purchase for a full refund with no exceptions except user negligence.

What evidence do I need to supply?

Due to the nature of the business. You will need to show reasonable grounds that the product is faulty and defective.

Contact us by email at [email protected] or Give us a call to discuss over the phone and we can get the process started.

For full details of the warranty terms and conditions see here

Do I have a right to request my money back?

Yes if the product is faulty or defective you do have the right to request your money back. You just need to return the item to our address in Hervey Bay within 4 weeks of letting us know about the issue and we will gladly return your money.

How long can I request my money back.

Batteries are a consumable product, DIY batteries come with a unique set of reasons why, the batteries can not be returned after use.
If you have made a mistake while putting the battery together or discharging the battery then the money back policy can be denied.

Please be aware that batteries that may have been short-circuited, will be denied for refund or return.
Batteries that have been charged above or below the recommended ratings will be denied a refund or return.
Batteries that have been left for long periods of time without use will be likely denied a refund or return.
Batteries that have been built by nonqualified persons, tradesmen or professionals may be denied return or refund due to negligence.

Once the batteries have been delivered we advise you to test them immediately if possible. The return of money or replacement can be denied because these are a consumable products.


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