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If you have plenty of spare time, it is possible to connect 12v and 48v batteries via the DBUS to Victron Venus OS. This means you need a Cerbo GX or similar. This is highly advanced, so if you are not familiar. Maybe reconsider if this is something necessary
(Raspberry pie is only recommended for highly computer Savvy users)

Here is a Youtube video – Showing the process
A link to the software –

For the JK 16s Inverter BMS – JK PB2A16S-20P

JK inverter BMS 200A
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BMS software for your Battery
The direct link to all JDB Software is HERE
Scroll down further to see OVER KILL SOLAR APP – It is better in our opinion.

Version 2 JBD App – is not compatible with newer versions of Android.

JBD v2 bms app

V2 app

JBD v3 bms app

V3.2 App

Overkill Solar App – Recommended for JBD BMS

Overkill solar also uses JBD BMS in the USA, they have a app that is compatible which you may find to be better. We recommend trying both Xiao Xiang and the Overkill Solar App.

Overkill Solar BMS app
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VIctron MPPT Calculator – Use this calculator to find out what Solar Charge Controller you need for your panels. This calculator will even build in temperature to ensure you never damage your equipment.

Links to Useful information

Links to useful information about Solar and LiFePo4 Batteries

Will Prowse – Youtube – Will has built a reputation for reviewing many products, his earlier videos were excellent for DIY, with his newer videos tending to focus on high quality products, that tend to be much more expensive than any DIY.

David Potz – Youtube – Dave has done some excellent videos in the past, in particular with the Growatt SPF5000es and lots of battery reviews, including 280ah and server rack batteries by EG4
Lithium Solar – Youtube – more technical and very knowledgeable, focused on Battery reviews in the US.

Sandy Munro – YouTube – Mechanical Engineer with a focus on Electric Vehicles. Tours factories and invterviews with VIPs


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