LiFePo4 B grade EVE 280ah QR codes
EVE letter B meaning

EVE will now engrave the letter B

All Alibaba/Aliexpress sellers will now only be able to supply B grade cells, this information has come directly from EVE themselves. This includes stores such as Shenzhen Qishou Technology Limited made famous in Australia by the Off Grid Garage.
We know that these companies are already looking to replace the QR Codes of the B grade cells, to make them appear as A grade for the market. As they told us directly when we asked.

We have known for a long time that it was likely all cells on Alibaba are B grade or used cells. We just had no good way to prove this.

What we now know is that all cells on Alibaba that are EVE will be marked with the letter B. That stands for a B grade, and if it doesn’t, the QR will have been changed. EVE Energy has assured us, that they do not sell to any of the Alibaba suppliers any A-Grade product for battery storage. To ensure you are receiving A-grade cells you will need to purchase your cells at a higher price, from Lifepo4 Australia or our partners.

We have made the decision to work with both EVE and some Alibaba sellers on the B grade cells, that have been hand-picked to be the better quality of the B grade cells. As we know they can work in certain scenarios, especially for caravans and camping purposes.

We highly recommend anyone choosing their LIFEPO4 cells for home or commercial use buy only A-grade cells. Yes, they are a little more expensive however, the math will work out heavily in your favor over time. When you’re A grade cells are still performing after 1000 cycles, all the way to 6000 cycles as EVE and CATL claim their A grade cells can achieve.

We also know that all the CATL cells on Alibaba and Aliexpress are either used, or B grade, as CATL does not sell A grade cells to any of the battery manufacturers on Alibaba and Aliexpress.