Who is Energy Renaissance?

Energy Renaissance is Australia’s first lithium-ion battery manufacturer and they produce batteries that are safe, affordable and optimised for hot climates at Tomago, NSW. They are building an exciting future where the world is powered by clean, stored energy everywhere – right here in Australia. They work with CSIRO as our research collaborator and Cadenza Innovation as our technology partner. Energy Renaissance will advance local battery manufacturing capabilities, create jobs in Australia and build significant economic benefits for our lithium-ion battery materials industry through a local supply chain. More than half of the batteries will be exported to Asia and when its production facility is operating at capacity, Energy Renaissance will be able to make enough batteries to power every public school, hospital, fire station, SES unit and new homes built in Australia.

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Energy Renaissance is developing Australia’s first advanced lithium-ion battery Gigafactory. 

Driving sustainable economic development and creating jobs in regional Australia. For every employee they hire, Energy Renaissance has the potential to create five jobs in upstream industries.

A look at the current product available by energy renaissance

renaissance superRack™ twin

pre-configured higher voltage multi rack system with unique ship-in-rack capability

The Renaissance superRack™  twin has been designed from the ground up for faster, simpler, safer implementation and maintenance. Ideally suited for commercial, agricultural and utility scale applications.

The superRack™ Twin design makes it easy to address a wide range of power and energy applications. Scaling is simple with multi rack systems that are pre-configured and with our unique ship-in-rack capability this means faster, easier and more cost effective installation.

  • Powered by cybersecure Renaissance superBMS™ and supported by cybersecure Renaissance superEMS™
  • 10-year performance warranty
  • High energy density kWh/㎥
  • Real time monitoring and reporting down to the minute via the Energy Renaissance portal, accessible from any internet connected device
  • Air cooled for safety and reliability
  • Transportable; packs designed to be transported in rack to site
renaissance superRack twin 2

You can find more on there website here