The Sodium Ion Battery is here

CATL the world’s largest Lithium battery manufacturer is now manufacturing the Sodium Ion Battery cell. It has the same energy density as LFP at 160Wh/Kg, however it’s even safer, and eventually it will be cheaper to manufacture due to not needing the expensive Lithium. And it wont require expensive shipping options to get to the end user, as it wont be a class 9 Dangerous Good.

catl s sodium ion batteries1 1

Although it won’t be available to purchase until at least 2025. It is here, and it will likely be the Battery technology of choice for ESS. Such as homes, RV, and other similar use.

We see LiFePo4 being the dominant battery choice for the majority of users until late in the decade. The demand for Sodium Ion batteries will be very high, and although CATL has designed the battery to be able to be manufactured with the majority of the same machines and factory lines, it will still take a number of years for other companies to catch up to CATL. There are a number of companies already also manufacturing Sodium ion batteries. Which we will cover soon, and we will likely be posting more and more about this ground-breaking battery technology.