Growatt SPF5000 5kwh OffGrid Inverter 48V Battery



Growatt SPF5000 5kwh Hybrid Inverter 48V Battery Off Grid


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The Growatt SPF5000ES is for off-grid use only

This is a multi-functional off-grid solar inverter, integrated with an MPPT (120VDC ~ 430VDC) solar charge controller, a high-frequency pure sine wave inverter with a UPS function module all in one machine. This unit is perfect for off-grid backup power and self-consumption applications. It can work with or without batteries. The Wi-Fi / GPRS module is a plug-and-play monitoring device to be installed on the inverter.

Integrated MPPT charger controller.
Equalization charging function.
Use with Batteries or without.
Max PV input up to 450vDC.
Choose grid or solar input priority.
WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring.
Parallel up to 6 inverters.
PV & Grid Power combine if PV energy is insufficient for load.
Flexible schedule for charging and discharging the batteries.
General Specifications:

SPF 3500/5000 ES.
Battery voltage: 48vDC
Battery Type: Lithium/Lead-acid.

Rated Power: 3500/5000W.
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery): 230VAC ± 5%.
Surge Power: 10000VA for 5 sec.
Efficiency (Peak): 93%.
Waveform: Pure sine wave.
Transfer Time: 10ms – 20ms.


Maximum PV Array Power: 6000W.
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 120VDC – 430VDC.
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 450vDC.
Maximum Solar Charge Current: 100 A.


AC Charge Current: 80A
AC Input Voltage: 230 VAC.
Selectable Voltage Range: 230 VAC.
Frequency Range: 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto-sensing).


Protection degree: IP20
Height: 330 x 485 x 135mm.
Weight: 12 kg.

Wi-Fi  included

2 Years

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 33 × 49 × 14 cm

Growatt 3500 SPF