How long does shipping take?

Currently, shipping is averaging 30-50 days for Lithium based battery cells

International shipping of Dangerous Goods is slow, not only the speed of the vessel sailing, but because of delays with Logistics, customs and paperwork,
Australian courier companies will leave Lithium Batteries or any Dangerous Goods until last most of the time, paperwork needs to be submitted at every step of the transport including with the couriers.

Some product lines may have a further 4-week delay for production on the cells, for example, AUTOMOTIVE Grade cells from EVE.

Who handles shipping?

We have a warehouse in China, who packs our orders and sends them directly to you. We do this to save you approx. $100 per box of 20kg.

If we have stock in Australia, we normally use TNT Dangerous Goods Shipping. It is an offence in Australia to not declare Lithium Batteries while in transport.

Why does it take so long?

A mixture of reasons, recently we have decided not to hold a large stock of cells, because of price fluctuations and ultra low-margin, expensive items, and holding hundreds of cells in stock, only causes the price to rise for you the end customer.
For example, if we didn’t do this the price would be at least 25% higher for Automotive grade cells.

What happens if my packaging or cells are damaged.

We try to only use the best shipping providers so that damage is unlikely.

But there are no guarantees in shipping such large and heavy items. In the case of damaged cells, we replace them with stock in Australia. Our cells get packed with extra thick foam, and our larger prebuilt batteries also contain extra padding.

Safe Transport of Lithium Metal and
Lithium Ion Batteries 2021 – IATA PDF