Growatt SPF12000 12kwh OffGrid Inverter 48V Battery


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Growatt SPF12000 12kwh OffGrid Inverter 48V Battery

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Full Growatt Australian 2-year Warranty. 

The Growatt SPF12000 is for off-grid use only and it is a Low-frequency Inverter

This is a multi-functional off-grid solar inverter, integrated with an MPPT (120VDC ~ 450VDC) solar charge controller, This all in one inverter is integrated with dual MPPT solar charge controllers allowing a Max PV input of 8000watts, 2 AC inputs allowing for grid and a generator with built in change over switch, high frequency pure sine wave inverter, and a UPS function module all in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications.

Configurable grid or solar input priority
Parallel for scalability

Integrated MPPT charger controller.
Equalization charging function.
Use with Batteries or without.
CAN/RS485 for BMS communication
WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring.
PV & Grid Power combine if PV energy is insufficient for load.
Flexible schedule for charging and discharging the batteries.

General Specifications:

Battery voltage: 48-51.2vDC
Battery Type: Lithium/Lead-acid.

Rated Power: 12000W
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery): 230VAC ± 5%.
Surge Power: 36000VA for 5 sec.
Efficiency (Peak): 88%.
Waveform: Pure sine wave.
Transfer Time: 10ms – 20ms.

Solar Charger
Maximum PV Charge Current : 120A
Maximum PV Array Power : 7,000W
of independent MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker:2/1

AC Input
AC Input Voltage : 230VAC
Frequency Range : 50Hz/60Hz (Auto Sensing)
Maximum Charge Current : 100A

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 33 × 49 × 14 cm

2 days, 2 Weeks

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