JBD ESS Smart BMS  16s 48V 200A LiFePO4


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JBD ESS Smart BMS  16s 48V 200A LiFePO4


This BMS is not bluetooth, it’s for use when you want your BMS to connect to your inverter such as Growatt, DEYE, and Victron


RS485 for Communication with Inverters
CAN for Communication
Buzzer for Audible warnings
LCD Panel


1. Overcharge protection and recovery
2. Over-discharge protection and recovery
3. Charging overcurrent protection and recovery
4. Discharge overcurrent protection and recovery
5. Temperature Protection and Recovery
6. Balance function
7. Capacity calculation
8. Sleep function


100A for 5000 watts,
200A for 10000 watts

Links for software
The setup of these BMS is recommended only if you have plenty of time and patience, the BMS is still quite new, and it can be complicated to read the manuals. However, JBD makes excellent quality BMS, and the community has already got this BMS working with Victron via CAN and in many cases, the BMS will allow communication using the Pylontech protocol direct to your inverter.

JBD Tools – JBDTools_V4.3-20221031
You’ll need a Windows computer to use this tool

MJBDTools V2.7-20230407 – Download
MJBD Tools: Specifically for the UP series, this tool is used to configure and flash the firmware. You’ll need a Windows computer to use this tool

Software Manuals – Download

For those interested in ESP HOME

ESP HOME – GitHub – smaksimowicz/esphome-jbd-bms: ESPHome JBD-BMS via RS485 for JBD-UP16S010